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Organizational Studies and Human Resource Management and...

nagementPrin of MGT Q10 2 (THIS IS CHAPTER 15 STUDY GUIDE) Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. In terms of group performance, the idea that: the whole is equal to more than the sum of its parts is the fundamental point in the concept of: A. A command group. B. Synergy. C. An interest group. D. A group norm. E. Social loafing. 2. Groups which managers set up to accomplish organizational goals are known as: A. Friendship groups. B. Informal groups. C. Formal groups. D. Top management groups. E. Cross-cultural groups. 3. The group of managers who are responsible for designing the long-range strategic plan for the organization is known as: A. An informal†¦show more content†¦Which of the following is a benefit that a manager could apply to group members when their group performs at a high level? A. Computer software B. A desirable work assignment C. A cash bonus D. Stock options E. All of the above 26. The tendency of group members to exert less effort when they work in groups than they would exert if they were acting alone is known as: A. Synergy. B. Sequential task interdependence. C. Reciprocal task interdependence. D. Social loafing. E. Virtual teamwork. 27. As group size increases, A. Members are likely to think their individual contributions are not very important B. Identifying individual contributions becomes more difficult C. The chances of social loafing increase D. Both A and B, but not C E. all of theShow MoreRelatedOrganizational Environment: A Human Resource Management Perspective1676 Words   |  7 PagesOrganizational Environment A Human Resource Management Perspective Organizational Environment: A Human Resource Management Perspective Organization is defined as group of people who put joint and systematic efforts to achieve desired goals (Robbins, Kotze and Coulter, 2003). The goals of organization are the goals of all the people who join hands in the efforts. However, there are certain motives in the mind of every individual who wants to join organization. In the organizational literatureRead MoreAn Introduction to Organizational Behavior1638 Words   |  7 PagesAn Introduction to Organizational Behavior 1. Define organizational behavior (OB) and explain its roots - a field of study that seeks to understand, explain, predict and change human behavior, both individual and collective, in the organizational context - includes 3 levels ï  ® individual: employee motivation and perception ï  ® group: teams, communication, job design, and leadership ï  ® organization-wide: change, culture and organizational structure ï  ® interorganizational (network): outsourcingRead MoreFamous Management Journals1231 Words   |  5 Pageswith some impact factor MPhil Human Resource Management SUBMITTED ON: 2nd March, 2012 Discipline Chosen: Management Area Chosen: HRM Journal Stated (Management): 141 HRM Journal as per ISI Thomson List: 110 Impact factor as per 2010 |SERIAL NO: |NAME OF JOURNAL |3-YEAR IMPACT FACTOR |5-YEAR IMPACT FACTOR |HRM JOURNAL IN ISI | | |(MANAGEMENT) Read MoreDiversity And Its Impact On Diversity975 Words   |  4 Pagesinter-cultural, inter-departmental, cross functional, and inter-disciplinary people working together, as a part of a large team, towards a common goal. The importance of these workgroups can be understood by the strategic role they play in determining organizational effectiveness. Workgroup diversity as a concept has caught the scholarly attention of researchers and academicians as many companies have expanded their businesses to new foreign territories. For the success of these new business ventures theyRead MoreStrategic Human Resource Management : A Deeper Understanding Of The Dominant And Minority Cultures Essay839 Words   |  4 PagesPedro Miguel Romero, F., Gonzalo Sà ¡nchez, G. (2013). Workforce diversity in strategic human resource management models. Cross Cultural Management, 20(1), 39-49. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/13527601311296247 RQ How effective is workforce diversity without a deeper understanding of the dominant and minority cultures in human resource management? The article expounded on how strategic human resource management can get the most out of workforce diversity via the universalistic, contingent and configurationalRead MoreNursing and The Organizational Culture of Human Resource Management1495 Words   |  6 PagesOrganizational culture can play a very important role in any corporation’s success. As we learn more about how to make a company more successful through effective management of Human Resource, we are learning of the value of people, as a whole, and how they contribute to the success or failure of an organization. That’s even more so true with in healthcare organizations. Nurses play a pivotal role in the health care profession and make up the majority of healthcare workers in a hospital settingRead MoreHuman Resources And Human Resource Development Essay1023 Words   |  5 PagesHuman resource development is a broadly used term that refers to the helping employees develop their personal and organizational s kills, knowledge, and abilities (The Balance. N.p.). The term has different connotations as it may refer to development of human capacities with the aim raising profit in business but also, especially in developing countries, with the aim of achieving personal and societal advancement (Cengage Learning, 2016.). Human resource development can be used by both public organizationsRead MoreFactors Affecting Human Resource Management1521 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION The aim of this study is to establish the demographic factors affecting Human Resource Management. Demographic changes relates to gender, ethnicity, age, occupation, religion and workforce. Pfeffer (1985, p. 303) defined employee demography as â€Å"the study of the composition of a social entity in terms of its members attributes†. The demographic factors have reflective influence and a major impact on operations of human resource management.Employees have become progressively more diverseRead MoreA Study On Refining Organizational Training Essay951 Words   |  4 Pagesorganization. This capstone literature review plan focuses on refining organizational training research, demonstrating an understanding of current organizational environment and limitations, and how the capstone project can fit in the global context of training. II. Describe a plan to collect and organize literature that explains the history of the topic. This capstone project literature review will consist of historic and present studies of employee training. This capstone project is compiled of literalRead MoreManagement Developing Countries And The Position Of Bangladesh Essay1426 Words   |  6 PagesManagement in Developing Countries and The position of Bangladesh Introduction: According to Peter Drucker â€Å"Management is what the modern world is all about† that statement means that all the development that has taken place in the world is due efficient management. Management is concerned with acquiring maximum prosperity with minimum efforts. Management is essential wherever group efforts are required to be directed towards achievements of common goals. Efficient management can foster the economic

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