Saturday, February 1, 2020

How do we come to believe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

How do we come to believe - Essay Example is not everyone who might have benefited from such knowledge, knew everything that they might have needed to know inorder to believe.For instance,in market economics the theory of the equilibrium was quite widespread but with a completely indifferent view.The theory assumed that,the appropriate pricing in the market place was predicated upon how fast the diffusion of knowledge about the true values of goods and services took place.This view presently might come under fire,as generally faulty by observation of the facts,and to some extent a major cause of the present economic down-turn. Going by the limitations sometimes associated with communications,aggravated further by human factors of resistance to change especially by die-hard supporters of partisan consensus;it took quite a considerable time for a mainstream consensus to come into the fore,bearing a new kind of scientific knowledge that was effectively designed to account as data for empirical evidence.In philosophy, Epistemology is concerned with the nature,scope and limitations of knowledge.But knowledge depended in part on the availability of facts and ideas.Therefore,as a matter of principle in these present times,the readily available and huge numbers of facts and non-facts on the Web,has created the capacity to alter the whole epistemology of Science.Therefore a well researched review able to synthesis a voluminous body of existing facts with the aim of creating a new knowledge ( hypothesis),contains knowledge of greater value as a contribution to Scientific literature in the sense that it adds more pr imary fact(Jones 111). On religion and religious beliefs,Roy Clouser argues that ‘every religious tradition considers something or other as divine and that all of them have a common denominator in the status of the divinity itself’.In spite of many religions disagreeing on what is divine,they however all agree on what it means to be divine.The divine is whatever is unconditionally and nondependently

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